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Will Rogers Follies

Betty Blake in The Will Rogers Follies


NY Daily News

~Phil Roura

"Marylee Graffeo, a bit of a thing with a big voice who plays Rogers' wife. When she belts out the torch song "My Big Mistake," she generates enough heat to melt a pit boss' heart."


News Day

~Steve Parks

"Marylee Graffeo as Betty is worth the price of admission just for her torch lament "no Man Left for Me'  She belts out with feeling."


The Daily News NY

~Julie Kistler

"Graffeo has an expressive, melodic voice with loads of charm and color....runs the gamut from sweet and sincere to torchy."


The Courier Post NJ

~Chuck Darrow

"But, it is Marylee Graffeo as Betty who shines more brightly than anyone in the cast.  If any actor is headed for bigger and better things, it is she.  Graffeo brings equally strong elements of comedy and drama to her role and caps her performance with stunning vocal work." 


Springfield News

~Ron Sylvester

"Marylee's portrayal of Betty Blake is reason enough to see the show.  Her voice is wonderful....ranging from innocence to sassy."  


"Graffeo is beguiling as Mrs. Will Rogers, yet she has the power to turn the torch song No Man Left for Me into the kind of sizzler that the Jupiter production needs more of."


The Springfield News

"Marylee Graffeo: As Will Rogers' wife in "The Will Rogers Follies," Graffeo not only out-sang anyone in Branson, she had a stronger voice than anyone in Radio City or the touring company of "Les Miserables."

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