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The Thing About Men

Lucy in The Thing About Men

The New York Times

~Alvin Klein


"Marylee Graffeo as the quasi-emancipated wife, has a gift."


~Robert L. Daniels



"Graffeo is attractive and appealing as the pliable housewife." 

The Herald News

~Daphne Kraft  


"Graffeo's soprano dispatches her numbers with clarity. She projects both a classy persona and an erotically needy woman..."

The Miami Herald  

~Tom Molyneaux 


"Marylee Graffeo gives the strongest performance in the show.  She's wonderfully alive from moment to moment and turns a somewhat underwritten character into a completely believable human being.... she is just too good to keep of stage for too long...

Graffeo makes her character fully human."

The New Jersey Herald  

~Christine Dolen


"The appealing Graffeo get to belt the shows's best song, the wistful-then-powerful Because."

The Bergen News

~Larry Ledfordy  


" a wonderful new presence on the east coast.  She has acerbic wit and dramatic depth and puts the stamp of originality on every song and scene in which she appears."

The Sun Sentinel Fl.

~Bill Hirschman


"First among equals is Marylee Graffeo as the wistful wife.  ...The winsome Graffeo invests her part with a singular emotional depth."

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