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Mrs. Paroo in The Music Man


~Susan Grossman

 "Ellis shares a warm, authentic mother-daughter relationship with Marylee Fairbanks (Mrs. Paroo), who seems born to the role."


The Theater Mirror

~Michael Hoban

"Marylee Fairbanks shines as Mrs. Paroo with her lilting Irish brogue and her sage advice to her daughter on her love life. She plays the doting mother to the hilt while speaking her mind but also displaying the warmth and caring for both her children. Marylee shows off her powerful voice in Piano Lesson and Gary, Indiana.”


On Stage Blog

~Ashley Difranza

"Marylee Fairbanks’ Mrs. Paroo is able to develop a loving and believable family dynamic on stage."


Boxing Over Broadway

~Bobby Franklin

"I've always felt that the Mrs Paroo must be a dream role, and Marylee Fairbanks makes that dream come true as the mother of Winthrop and Marion."

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